About Us

In 1998, many wolfdog owners in Florida who were also active in wolfdog rescue saw the need for a cohesive organization to represent responsible wolf and wolfdog owners. The Florida Lupine Association (FLA) was officially incorporated as a state non-profit corporation in Florida on 7 June 1999, and was assigned Document #N99000003556 and the Federal Employer Identification #59-3586075. In the spring of 2001, FLA was officially designated as a federal, tax exempt, non-profit corporation operating under IRS section 501(c)(3). On 1 June 2016, FLA changed its name to National Lupine Association (NLA) to better reflect our increasing presence and growing interest in wolfdogs throughout the country. NLA is a federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization (EIN#59-3586075).

Our Mission

NLA’s mission is to provide information and education about the wolfdog; to track legal issues as they pertain to wolfdogs; to interact and collaborate with other wolfdog and animal (rescue and non-rescue) agencies, networks, and clubs; and to advance the interests and the responsible ownership of wolfdogs.


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Our Purpose

  • NLA is not a breeder’s club. Rather, it seeks to represent responsible wolf and wolfdog owners, while also promoting education about these lupine animals.

  • Click here for the NLA Code of Ethics.


    Our Bylaws

    • The NLA Bylaws are periodically updated and revised as deemed necessary by the NLA Board of Directors. The current version will be available here.

    • Click here for the current bylaws.


      Our Involvement

      Since its inception, NLA has established contacts with numerous animal control and shelter agencies, the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the Florida Rabies Advisory Committee, and the state veterinarian’s office; we have built a database of members and supporters that we hope continues to grow; we have published a collection of educational pamphlets, flyers, and brochures that are being distributed by NLA and many animal agencies; and we publish a quarterly newsletter entitled National Lupine News.

    • Click here for archived issues of our newsletter.

    • GuideStar

      NLA is a Gold Level participant in the GuideStar non-profit rating program. Please click below to learn more.


Our Board

Below are the current members of the NLA Board of Directors.


  • Jody Haynes
    President & Secretary

  • Rose Pospisil
    Vice President

  • Kim Miles
    Treasurer & Editor

  • Samantha Tambor
    Member Coordinator

  • Kat Wolfdancer

  • Justine Tullos

NLA's animal abuse policies

In the early years of NLA, we were (unfortunately) faced with certain individuals and situations that resulted in the creation of the following policies regarding animal abuse:

NLA opposes any form of passive or active animal abuse (including zoophilia) and will not be affiliated with any organization, entity or individual who condones animal abuse or has been convicted of animal abuse and/or animal cruelty.



  • As a PROUD member of the National Lupine Association for years, I've seen this organization educate many, many people. My family was totally devastated in a hurricane a few years ago. NLA stepped right up and came to our aid. They sent us funds and stood by us in many ways. They were a great relief to our suffering. Thanks, NLA! We will always remember.

    Jerry Mills

  • Full Moon Farm, Inc., is a proud member of the National Lupine Association. Our educational programs are substantiated by the publications produced and made available by the NLA, and our mission as a rescue and sanctuary for wolfdogs has been complimented by our membership in NLA.

    Nancy Brown, President

  • Someone reported my coywolfdog, Ace, to DNR as a full coyote. DNR showed up and threatened to take him. Nancy Brown from Full Moon Farm and Kim Miles of NLA both stepped in. Kim did a wonderful pheno on behalf of NLA, proving he was a hybrid, not full anything. Nancy and the FMF team then handled DNR. Ace is still with us, and we are no longer bothered by DNR. I don't know what we would have done if not for NLA and FMF.

    Amanda Nance

  • NLA is a wonderful organization dedicated to wolfdog education and is an excellent source of information for anything wolfdog.

    Geri Emmelman

  • NLA was a large part of Nero’s and my journey together. The help, patience, and assistance as well as the valuable information on their website made raising Nero and making him a part of our life an easier task. Thank you NLA for being there to help the Mooses raise their wolfdog!

    Deanna Moose