As a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit organization, NLA can accept tax-exempt donations for a variety of reasons. On occasion we are also able to give back. NLA has proudly offered both grants for canine research and relief funding for individuals in the wolfdog community who have incurred costs related to natural disasters.

Research Grants

NLA has issued grants to researchers and/or graduate students conducting interesting canine-oriented research. One such recipient was Lindsay Mehrkam of the University of Florida's Canine Cognition Laboratory. NLA sponsored Lindsay's attendance and participation at the annual conference of the Society for Science, Literature and the Arts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At this conference, Lindsay presented her Master's research on enriching the lives of wolves and wolfdogs in sanctuaries. Click here to read her conference presentation and click here to read Lindsay's first scientific journal article that came out of her research.

Disaster Relief Fund Grants

The 2004 hurricane season affected many wolfdog owners and prompted us to create a Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) in memory of founding members Beth Palmer and Jan Mitchell. The DRF was created using memorial donations made by friends and members of the Palmer and Mitchell families. Click here to read NLA Past President Al Mitchell's letter announcing the Disaster Relief Fund.

Objective: To provide financial assistance to wolfdog owners for expenditures related to their animals and incurred as a direct result of disaster. Level of assistance from NLA will be determined by the Board of Directors and will not exceed $250 per person per incident.

Eligibility: Financial assistance is dependent upon a natural disaster and individual wolfdog owners are typically given priority over businesses and organizations.

Application: Applicants must complete our NLA Disaster Relief Fund Application Form and send it to us electronically or by mail to the address provided below. All applications must include the following:

  • Name and mailing address of person or business/organization requesting funding.

  • Identification of the disaster (e.g., hurricane [give name], tornado, flood, etc.).

  • Explanation of need and justification for consideration for reimbursement through the NLA Disaster Relief Fund (e.g., downed or damaged fencing as a result of a tree falling on it during Hurricane Frances, costs incurred as a result of moving or boarding animals during a flood, etc.).

  • Estimation of expenditures or receipt(s) showing actual costs.


Anyone can donate to the DRF; they can donate to the general DRF account or specify their donations for an approved applicant. All donations are tax deductible. Since its inception, NLA has paid out over $5,000 through the DRF.

We ask that you consider donating to this worthy cause as it allows us to continue providing assistance for those in need. Donors can either send a check or money order to FLA at the address provided under Option 1, or submit a payment via PayPal by clicking Option 2.

If you would like to make a donation to the DRF, we ask that you please complete our NLA Disaster Relief Fund Donation Form and send it to us electronically or by mail to the address provided below.



National Lupine Association, Inc.
PO Box 971063
Miami, FL 33197-1063

Fund Accountability:

NLA has kept careful records of all funds received and paid out. Click here for the full Disaster Relief Fund accountability from the date of the Fund's inception through the date of last activity.