Breeding Publications


NLA is not a breeder’s club nor has it ever promoted any breeder. Instead, we promote the responsible breeding of wolfdogs and lupine-type dogs. What do we promote as being a responsible breeder? Please see our Breeder Code of Ethics for a detailed explanation, but the short version is as follows:

A responsible breeder will

  • use only northern-breed or lupine-type dogs/wolfdogs as their breeding stock: German Shepherd, Malamute, Husky or a verifiable combination.
  • breed non-aggressive animals of sound temperament.
  • never breed animals with a known or debilitating/life-threatening genetic defect that would/could affect future offspring.
  • provide the buyer with a written breeder-buyer contract that (1) provides a return or replacement policy and a stipulation for the right of return (i.e., the breeder is notified first if, for any reason, the owner cannot keep the animal); (2) includes spay/neuter clauses for pet quality animals; (3) provides a health guarantee (with a veterinary-certified health certificate) and verification that the animal is up to date on required vaccinations and wormings.
  • release accurate and verifiable pedigree information (with a minimum of three generations) about their breeding animals.
  • be honest and provide lineage information if they are brokering an animal for someone else.
  • screen prospective buyers (and seek references) to determine their knowledge and containment prior to selling an animal (and will not sell to unqualified individuals).
  • reclaim or assist in the placement of any animal he or she has produced should the owner be unable/unwilling to keep the animal.
  • allow (and even encourage) prospective owners to visit their premises and meet the breeding parents.
  • ensure that sufficient buyers are lined up prior to a breeding.
  • provide proper husbandry to their own animals.


Below are some of our publications on breeding:

  • Looking for a Wolfdog Breeder?
    This tri-fold brochure provides information on finding an ethical and responsible wolfdog breeder.

  • NLA Breeder Code of Ethics
    The information in this document is a comprehensive and detailed definition of a responsible and ethical wolfdog breeder according to NLA.

  • Old Count: A Wolf to Remember
    This is an excerpt from the book Slave to a Pack of Wolves, written by Gordon K Smith, the creator of the GKS line of wolfdogs in the 1970s and '80s. He tells the story of how he became a breeder and identifies some of his early trials and tribulations, paying particular attention to how difficult it was creating a line that (1) bred true and (2) he was satisfied with.

  • Puppies: Stages of Development
    This research pamphlet details the stages of puppy growth and development from the neonatal stage, through the transitional and socialization stages, into the juvenile stage.

  • So, You Want to Become a Wolfdog Breeder?
    This two-page document was a collaboration by a half dozen wolfdog advocates and breeders. If you are interested in becoming a breeder, read what these wolfdog breeders have to say about their experiences.

  • Thinking of Breeding Wolfdogs? Think Hard!
    This article was written be a very experienced wolfdog breeder of old, highlighting her experiences. A must read for anyone interested in breeding wolfdogs. It was originally published in 2016 in the National Lupine News.

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